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Don't use my art witout my permission please. To respect my imagination and the time I spent to make these works, for your pleasure (and sometimes mine).


:icontransformation-art: :icontherian-pride: :iconmetamorphosis-group:
The winners of the 500 Raffle are....

DeviantArt : :iconbluewarriorwolfeh: won a Headshot!
Furaffinity : sparkbolt3020 won a Full Body!
Twitter : Wolfennar won a Bust!

AND THE DOUBLE LUCKY WINNER who will get their prize upgraded a full illustration with simple BG is...:


Congrats to the winners and all who participate in the raffle!
If you won, please contact me via note/PM etc... to discuss about your prize!

I want to thank you all again for the 500 watchers/folllows.
Your the best support I can have as an artist and I hope to see you all soon in the comment section of my futures drawings! :D



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TheMiningBoyAlpha Featured By Owner May 9, 2018  Professional Artist
Could i trade?
LackeDragon Featured By Owner May 10, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Unfortunately I don't really have time for that right now.
I have raffle prizes to finish before that.
JimmyLetzPlayz Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Rock Hard (Rockruff TF)
It was a sunny saturday morning in the middle of a wonderful summer. I decided to clean my closet, because, well, it was a disaster zone. A total disaster zone; like as if a car crash happened. I then got up out of bed, got to my closet, and started cleaning and organizing stuff. There was a lot of things I could sell that I don’t need anymore. Things like pots, old keyboards, and a bunch more that I don’t bother mentioning.
After about a half an hour of cleaning, I was finished. Finally. Until I saw a tube filled with a murky brown liquid inside, on the top shelf of the closet. I got it, and looked at it. It had a piece of paper tape on it with the words “Potion” on it. “The hell? I don’t remember getting this.” I said, confused with one eyebrow up. I decided to drink it. It tasted like freshly cut beets, but a few seconds later after I drank it, there was a very nasty aftertaste. The taste of dirt. Mud. Dust. Tastes that I disliked. Horrid. I

Kitty Time! (Litten TF)
Another day, another beautiful Saturday morning in the middle of a wonderful summer. I wanted to vacuum my floors in the living room because I had a party last night, and it left my living room a mess. Things like tortilla chip crumbs, potato chip crumbs, and a bunch more. Thank goodness there isn’t any salsa on my floors. I got my Dyson v8 vacuum, unplugged it from the charging station, turned it on, and started vacuuming the floors.
Crinkle, crankle, tap, tap, ping. I sucked up the crumbs. I cleaned the floor, the rug, the table, the couch, and the seats. After a few minutes…
Ding Dong!
My doorbell rang. “Who is it now?” I said on the slightly louder side as I walked toward the front door. “Who is it?” I said with a smile on my face as I opened the door. I saw no-one at the front steps, but I looked down and saw a package. “The hell is this?” I said in question as picked up th

Pranking Up The Voltage (Jolteon TF)
Pementa and Conor have returned to Conor’s house after such a wonderful date in Turkey for a few months.
“That was amazing!!!” Conor exclaimed.
“It was!” Pementa said with a smile on her face.
It was the night before April Fools Day that they arrived back to America.
“Man I’m pooped. I’m tired,” Conor sighed softly.
“Me too,” Pementa exhaled.
Conor’s eyes still remained an icy blue color from the day when he turned into a female turkish angora. Conor and Pementa both flopped onto and sunk into the plush, soft bed made by Purple with a sigh right when they flopped onto the mattress.
They both tucked themselves in.
“Alrighty, good night Pementa,” Conor said softly as he turned off the lights.
“Good nightie Conor,” Pementa sighed.
And they slept. Until the morning… That is…
1:00 in the morning…
Pementa woke up for some reason. Then she thought of a very g

My pokemon tfs
LackeDragon Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Is that just ad or do you want me to help with something?
JimmyLetzPlayz Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I thought you might be interested because of you doing pokemon tfs
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